Graduate Courses

CEE5301 Continuum Mechanics

The goal of the course is first to learn the mathematical language of mechanics (e.g. vectors and tensors). Based on mathematical concepts and techniques, the course will cover mechanics of solids, which includes stress, strain, constitutive relations, boundary value problems of elasticity, beam theory, and stability.

CEE5302 Behavior of Concrete

The goal of the course is to learn behavior of concrete on the basis of concrete constituents, and chemical and physical mechanisms of concrete. In addition, recent concrete technologies are addressed, which result in the improvement of concrete performance at the material and/or structural levels.

CEE7301 Constitutive Modeling of Concrete Members

The goal of the course is to understand nonlinear structural behavior of reinforced concrete, which includes compressive response of concrete structure, tensile response of structural concrete, response of 2D continuum, and nonlinear concrete fracture. In addition, the course addresses nonlinear computational methods to analyze nonlinear structural responses.

CEE7306 Numerical Analysis for Civil Engineering

The goal of the course is to learn basic numerical methods, which are widely utilized in graduate level research in civil engineering. Topics of the course include approximation and computer arithmetic, system of linear equations, linear least squares, eigenvalue problems, nonlinear equations, optimization, interpolation, numerical quadrature, initial value problems, boundary value problems, and partial differential equations.

Undergraduate Courses

CEE3402 Reinforced Concrete Structures

The goal of the course is to understand fundamental mechanisms and design principles of reinforced concrete (RC) structures so that students are able to easily adapt to changes in design methods. Topics of the course include behavior of structural concrete and methods for the design of individual RC members for bending, shear and torsion. Additionally, the course requires to design a concrete structure, as a term project.

CEE3410 Design of Concrete Structures

The main objective of the course is to understand fundamental design concepts of reinforced concrete (RC) and prestressed concrete (PSC) structures. Topics of the course include design principles of concrete members, bonding and development length of reinforcing bars, behavior of compression members, and concepts of prestressed concrete. In addition, students are exposed to design practice, as a term project.

CEE4401 Construction Material Laboratory

The goal of the course is to understand behaviors of three major materials in civil engineering, which are concrete, metal and geotechnical materials. Behaviors of each material will be covered by specialized faculty members. This course provides opportunities for students to be exposed to laboratory experiences. Especially for concrete, the course material will cover the sieve analysis, moisture content, mixing design, behavior of mortar, behavior of fresh concrete, and behavior of hardened concrete.

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